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Home Locksmith Services Melksham, Chippenham & Trowbridge

Give GHI Locksmiths a call: 01225 663143 or (mobile) 07841 842541.

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Home Locksmiths

The locks on the doors and windows of your home are vital for the security and protection of the inhabitants, also safeguarding your privacy and your possessions. We all know this, but a surprising number of us neglect to ensure our locks are well maintained and of the highest possible standard.

GHI Locksmiths take home security in Somerset and Wiltshire seriously. First of all we recommend that when you move into a new home you have us check all the locks and upgrade them where necessary, even if the property hasn’t been lived in before. If you’re moving into a previously occupied property the same applies; in fact replacing the locks is a good idea since you don’t know how many sets of keys exist out there that could have found their way into the hands of those with criminal intent.

Locks Conforming to British Standards

Did you know that most home insurance providers nowadays insist that policyholders have BS3621 British Standard locks on their property? If you don’t have locks that are kitemarked (with a heart-shaped official logo and the standard number stamped on the faceplate) an insurance claim may well not be honoured.

If you’re not sure whether the locks on your house or flat are up to scratch give GHI Locksmiths a call and we’ll set you up with quality intruder-resistant locks that conform to the required insurance standards.

GHI Locksmiths specialise in UPVC door and window locks, which can be tricky and easily damaged. We repair broken or damaged locks on any entry points, including patio doors, conservatory doors and garage doors.

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Home Locksmithing at Your Convenience

If you live in our area of operation – Somerset, Wiltshire or south Gloucestershire – we’re sure you’ll agree that you need to keep our contact details handy to keep your locks clicking over smoothly.

Call us on 01225 663143 or 07841 842541, email to or use the online contact form.

Locked Out Emergencies

We always say that the weakest point of any lock is the key! This is never more evident that when you lose your housekeys, or make a mistake and lock them in the house when you slam the door behind you. It happens – and it brings on a feeling of panic to think that you don’t have access to your own home.

Never fear. Here at GHI Locksmiths we rapidly respond to emergency calls from householders 24 hours a day across all the towns and villages in the Bath, Gloucester and Swindon postcodes. We’ll gain access to your home, usually without damaging anything, and/or cut you a new set of keys on the spot – along with a spare set if you’re wise so that in future you won’t have a repeat of the “locked out” experience.

House Keys Broken or Stuck

We can also help if a key becomes jammed in a lock and snaps off, or just becomes stuck and can’t be removed. Just a word of warning: in the event of this happening don’t try to remove the key yourself because you could end up making the situation worse, and breaking the lock completely.

We have the skills and specialised tools to remove any broken or stuck key from a lock with the minimum of fuss and bother, and ascertaining why it broke or jammed in the first place, so we can prevent it from happening again.

I cover all the towns & villages covered by the following postcodes:

  • Home Locksmith Bath: BA1, BA2
  • Home Locksmith Bradford on Avon, Winsley, Westwood, Monkton Farleigh, South Wraxall: BA15
  • Home Locksmith Calne: SN11
  • Home Locksmith Chippenham: SN14. SN15
  • Home Locksmith Cirencester, Fairford, Lechlade: GL7
  • Home Locksmith Corsham: SN13
  • Home Locksmith Devizes: SN10
  • Home Locksmith Frome: BA11
  • Home Locksmith Malmesbury: SN16
  • Home Locksmith Melksham: SN12
  • Home Locksmith Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Holcombe Coleford: BA3
  • Home Locksmith Tetbury: GL8
  • Home Locksmith Trowbridge: BA14
  • Home Locksmith Warminster: BA12
  • Home Locksmith Westbury: BA13