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A Guide to the Different Types of Door Locks

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Locks on doors, windows, trailers, and sheds are important for the security of your belongings. The best type of lock for your door will depend on a number of factors, including the type of door you have, the level of security you require, and your budget. Fortunately, there are many different types of door locks available, each with its own advantages.

Mortice locks

Mortice locks are the most secure type of door lock and are fitted within the material of the door, rather than on the surface. They are typically fitted to wooden doors and require a key to lock and unlock from both the inside and outside. Mortice locks are available in a variety of different types, including five-lever mortice deadlocks, three-lever mortice deadlocks, and general dead locks.

Night latches

Night latches are found alongside the mortice lock that and are typically fitted to external doors. They are locked from the inside automatically and the locking mechanism means that the external cylinder is offline once locked internally, adding increased protection. Night latches are less secure than mortice deadlocks, but they are still a good option for providing additional security for alongside mortice locks.

Rim cylinder locks

Rim cylinder locks are fitted to the surface of the door and are typically used on uPVC and composite doors. They are often used as the operating system for the night latch. They add more security and meet insurance policy minimum standards.

Multi-point locking

Multi-point locking systems are often fitted to uPVC doors to provide the highest level of security for external doors. They have a minimum of three locking points around the door frame, which makes it very difficult for burglars to break in. The more locking points, the safer and more secure the door is.

Euro cylinder

Euro cylinder locks are the most common type of lock used in the UK. They are fitted to uPVC doors with a multi-point locking system. Euro cylinder locks are available in a variety of different types, including single cylinder locks, double cylinder locks, and high security locks. What sets the euro cylinder apart is its easy to replace as the multi point locking system doesn’t also need replacing.

Security bolts

Security bolts are a type of fastener that is designed to be more difficult to remove than standard bolts. They are often used to secure wooden doors, back doors and wooden gates. Security bolts typically have unique heads that require special tools to remove. Some security bolts also have features that make them tamper-proof, such as breakaway heads or hidden screws.


Padlocks are portable locks that can be used to secure a variety of objects, such as gates, fences, bicycles, and storage containers due to them being available in a variety of sizes and styles. Some padlocks are also equipped with features that make them more secure, such as hardened steel and weather-resistant finishes.


Camlocks are commonly used to secure furniture and cabinets. They are often used in homes or offices to secure valuable possessions. Camlocks offer a small-scale solution to providing your valuables with an extra bit of security at a relatively low cost.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a type of lock that can be opened and closed using a remote control, smartphone app, or other electronic device. Smart locks can be used to secure doors, gates, and other access points. These locks often have features that make them more convenient than traditional locks, such as the ability to lock and unlock doors remotely, generate temporary access codes, and track who has accessed the lock.

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